In compliance with the dispositions of the article 10 of the Spanish Law 34/2002, on the 11th July, on Information Society and e-commerce Services, PLAYFILM, S.L., owner of the webpage and its content, makes available to the users of this webpage settled anywhere within Spanish territory or having access to it, the following general information:


The access and use of the webpage shall be in effect and abide by the present terms of use.

The use of the webpage confers the condition of users. The access and use of the web page implies the full acceptance without discrepancies of the present dispositions included in this Legal Notice and users shall in consequence read them thoroughly whenever they access the web site, due to possible modifications they might undergo.

We suggest that you frequently revise this Legal Notice in order that you will be up-to-date on its effects and any modification that might have been carried out. In case of modifications, PLAYFILM places at users’ disposal the previous versions of the document, in order to facilitate that users may review them.

PLAYFILM recommends that users, when in doubt, formulate any concern which may arise via the e-mail contact address regarding the use of the webpage, which according to the present terms of use, is permitted.


We want to inform you from PLAYFILM that the content of this website is oriented to people aged 16 and older. Access to this webpage is prohibited to those not meeting this requirement.

As a general matter, users shall be able to access the webpage freely and without charge.

Please read over the services that users may have access to without charge, as opposed to those which entail certain cost. PLAYFILM reserves the right to restrict the access to particular webpage areas and services, for which the user shall pay for the corresponding service.

Authorized access to certain areas will be able to be controlled through the use of a username and password, which composition will be put forward by the user and validated by the webpage system administrator. We remind you from PLAYFILM that the use of the username and password is personal and nontransferable, the cession on the part of the user, not even temporary, to third parties not being allowed. In that sense, the user hereby agrees to make diligent use of them and keep them secret, assuming all liability for the disclosure to third parties. In the event that the user was aware or suspected third parties were making use of their passwords, they shall let PLAYFILM know such circumstance, by any means of contact.


The user agrees to use the information and services on the web page in compliance with the law and this same Legal Notice, and not to incur actions that encroached upon PLAYFILM’s or third parties’ rights, or could threaten moral codes, norms of good behaviour, public order or the rules of behaviour on the Internet.

PLAYFILM provides all webpage content in good faith and struggles to make a big effort so that it is permanently valid and up-to-date. Nevertheless, it does not take on responsibility for the use or access that users may make outside of the scope towards which it is oriented, the final responsibility thereby devolving upon the user.

To the same extent, the use of the webpage is strictly prohibited with the following purposes or results below included, but not limited to them:

  1. Carrying out actions contrary to PLAYFILM’s intellectual and/or industrial property rights, or those owned by their lawful holders.
  2. Spreading content or political, racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal propaganda, contrary to human rights or inciting to terrorism.
  3. Destroying, altering, disabling or any other means of harming data, programs or electronic documents pertaining to PLAYFILM, its users, suppliers or third parties.
  4. Obstructing other users’ entry access to services by way of massive consumption of the computer resources whereby PLAYFILM lends its service, as well as performing actions which could harm, interrupt or generate errors in such systems.
  5. Causing damages to PLAYFILM’s, their suppliers’ or third parties’ computer systems and/or introducing or spreading computer viruses, programs, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other type of physical or logical system that cause or may cause damages to computer systems.
  6. Duplicating or copying, distributing or enabling access to the audience by any form of public communication, transforming or modifying content, unless there is an agreement on the authorization of the corresponding rights with the holder, or which is lawfully permitted.
  7. Using either content and, particularly, information of any type yielded through PLAYFILM to remit advertisement or communications aimed at direct selling or any other type of financial gain, or messages not requested and directed towards a multiplicity of individuals, notwithstanding their purpose, or marketing or disclosing anyhow the fore mentioned information.

The user will take responsibility for all types of damages that PLAYFILM or third parties may undergo, directly or indirectly, as a result of the failure to comply with any of the liabilities derived from the present terms of use of the law regarding the usage of this webpage, PLAYFILM not being responsible for the wrong, illicit or negligent usage the user may make of it.

To the same extent, the user will take responsibility for actions carried out against PLAYFILM’s image, good name or reputation, as well as for the fraudulent or illicit use of its designs, brands, logos or web content.

As regards Viruses, Technological failures and Mistakes that may occur in contracting, PLAYFILM wishes to let the user know:

PLAYFILM will safeguard at all times the compliance with the current Spanish legal system regarding the use of this website, and reserves the right to discretionarily deny any user access to this webpage or some part of it at any time without the need to notice it previously, if and when they were falling into any prohibited behavior with regards to these terms of use.


PLAYFILM offers three different services: Leads Lite, Leads Pro and Leads Advanced.

The Leads Lite, Leads Pro and Leads Adavanced services may be acquired through the site

The PLAYFILM licence is acquired by the user when the purchase process is completed through the Manager panel.


The purchase of the service through the site will be activated from the moment the payment of the price with the corresponding taxes has been effective, if indicated in the purchase order, in which the license for using Leads Lite, Leads Pro and Leads Advanced will be acquired, as mentioned in the preceding section.

Regarding currencies and payment modalities, all payments will be made in euros (€) and by any of the payment modalities admitted (credit card), following the indications pointed out in the payment process steps.

The renewal of the Leads Lite Subscription, Leads Pro Subscription and Leads Advanced Subscription will be carried out automatically monthly or annually depending on the type of subscription contracted.

In plans with monthly subscription, the customer has the right to cancel the monthly renewal of the platform before the expiration of the month and its subsequent automatic renewal.

In the plans with annual subscription, the client has the right to cancel the annual renewal of the platform before the expiration of the year and its subsequent automatic renewal.

The cancellation of the automatic renewal will exclusively be processed by the customer through their user panel in the platform. It must be performed, at the very latest, 24 hours prior to the renewal date provided in the user panel.

If the cancellation were processed once the subscription period is renewed, it would take effect on the next renewal date and no refund will be applicable.

Any contact or query related to the service subscription or the user account must be made via the email or the chat available on PlayFilm’s site and platform. No other communication channels will be valid for that matter.


Leads subscription have the following conditions:

The subscriptions of the discontinued PlayFilm plans have the following conditions:

In case of exceeding the number of video plays, the difference will be billed according to the current video plays rate.


PLAYFILM might provide you with access to other web pages which we consider of interest to you. The aim of these links is merely to provide you with the search of resources which may interest you on the Internet. Nevertheless, the fore mentioned sites are not owned by PLAYFILM, neither PLAYFILM revises their content, which is why PLAYFILM cannot take responsibility for them, either the functioning of the linked site or the possible damages which may arise due to the access or use of it.

No webpage link or email address to the Site will be allowed, unless PLAYFILM expressly authorizes it in writing.

Whether you wished to incorporate links or hyperlinks from your own Web pages into PLAYFILM’s Website or content, you shall comply with the conditions listed below, the ignorance of them not avoiding the responsibilities derived from their incompletion:

  1. The link or hyperlink will only connect to the website’s home page but shall not reproduce it whatsoever (inline, links, deep-links, browser or border environment, copy of texts, graphics, etc.).
  2. In any circumstances, in accordance with the applicable and valid law at every moment, the following items will be prohibited: to establish “frames” of any kind which enclose the Webpage and/or content, or allow to visualize part of or the entirety of the Website and/or content via IP addresses different from the Webpage’s or its content and, either way, whenever they allow to visualize Website elements and/or content together with content different from the Website’s and/or its content, in a way that: it leads or is susceptible to lead users to errors, confusion or untruth about the true origin of the visualized elements or the services that are being used; it implies an act of comparison or unfair product imitation; it may be used to benefit from PLAYFILM’s brand reputation and prestige; or, in any other manner, it is banned by the valid legislation in force.
  3. No false, inexact or incorrect statement or indication relating to PLAYFILM, its employees, clients or the quality of the services it lends shall be made from the page incorporating the link.
  4. Under no circumstances, PLAYFILM will express or hint in the page where the link has been incorporated that it has granted its consent for the inclusion of the link or, in a different manner, sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the addressor’s services.
  5. The use of any denominative, graphic or mixed mark, or any other PLAYFILM’s distinctive signs within the addressor’s page is prohibited, unless it is expressly permitted by law or demonstrably authorized by PLAYFILM and as long as, under these circumstances, a direct link to the Webpage and/or its content is provided in the way it is established in this clause.
  6. The page which establishes the link or hyperlink shall faithfully comply with valid legislation and, under no circumstances, will be able to have at disposal or link to own content or content owned by third parties, providing that they: are illicit, injurious or undermine morality and proper consuetudes, including, by way of example and without reserve whatsoever, pornographic, violent, racist content, etc.; lead or are susceptible to lead users to the misbelief that PLAYFILM endorses, approves, supports or anyhow agrees with the addressor’s licit or illicit ideas, statements or expressions; are inappropriate or extraneous regarding PLAYFILM’s activity in reference to the place, content and themes of the addressor’s webpa.
  7. Under no circumstances, the authorization for incorporating a link or hyperlink results in consent for reproducing the visual and operational aspects (“look and feel”) of any Webpage and/or content from PLAYFILM. In particular, the authorization for the incorporation of hyperlinks in the Website and/or its content is subject to the respect for dignity and human liberty. The Website in which the hyperlink is incorporated shall not contain illicit information or content, or be contrary to morals and good standards and public order, and it shall not either contain content contrary to whichever rights of third parties.
  8. The incorporation of the link does not imply in any case the existence of relations between PLAYFILM and the owner of the webpage in which it is incorporated, or the acceptance or approval from PLAYFILM of content or services offered therein and set at the public’s disposal.

Additionally, the fore mentioned links shall meet the following conditions:

At any moment, PLAYFILM may cancel the authorization referred in the previous section, with no cause needing to be alleged. If so, the page having provided the link shall proceed to its immediate removal, as soon as the notification of the authorization repeal from PLAYFILM is received.


Information, content and elements provided by this Website are protected under the Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property.

The user acknowledges and accepts that each and every intellectual and industrial property rights on information, content, elements and whichever components included in the Website, or provided by it, are owned by PLAYFILM or third parties which have transferred their rights to this one.

PLAYFILM is the holder of all elements composing its website’s graphic design, source code and software, logotypes, texts, textures, menus, button icons, graphics, images, photographs, audio and video archives, motions and any other content or component of the Web page or, in either case, has the corresponding authorization or license for using these elements.

The web content, as well as information provided by it, cannot be reproduced in whole or in part, nor modified, nor transmitted, nor diffused, in any form or through any medium, unless PLAYFILM previously procures authorization in writing.

Additionally, removing, eluding or manipulating copyright and other data identifying PLAYFILM’s rights is prohibited, as well as the technical protection systems, or any information mechanism if it will include content.

PLAYFILM can carry out, at any time and without prior notice, information and content modifications or updates on this Website or its configuration and presentation.

Links contained in this website can be intended to third parties’ Webpages. PLAYFILM does not take on any responsibility derived from connection, content, information or services which may appear in these sites, which purpose is merely to give information and do not imply in any case any relations between PLAYFILM and persons or entities being holders of such content, or holders of the sites wherever they are.


PLAYFILM informs users about its cookie usage policy on their website, and their installation when a user browses content. You may obtain more information regarding our use of cookies in the section named “COOKIES POLICY”. (


We are fully committed to the protection of privacy of all those persons accessing, which is why we hereby assure you that PLAYFILM complies with the Spanish Organic Law 3/2018, on the 5th December, on the Protection of Personal Data and digital rights guarantee.

The privacy policies and data protection of this website have been designed to inform you about our practices in gathering, using and disclosing the information users provide us through our website and other associated websites, microsites and sub-websites.

You can obtain more information about our privacy policy and data protection in the section named “PRIVACY POLICY AND DATA PROTECTION”. (


The relation between the Client and PLAYFILM is subject to the Spanish Laws in force.

With a view to knowing all discrepancies or reclamations which may emerge from the interpretation or execution of the legal relation between the User and PLAYFILM, both of them, expressly renouncing any other corresponding jurisdiction, and notwithstanding the imperative regulations on legal competency, are voluntarily subject to the Court of Justice of the city in which PLAYFILM’s head office were located.